Testimonia Images

Ashutosh Mishra

Team (Nikeeta and Kavita), This is a small note from me as well as family… Weddings are one of the most important events of our lives so it is imperative each and every moment is captured for both an enduring and endearing memory. When Ravish got married couple of years back, it was an important function after many years in our family. We were skeptical honestly, initially, if we were taking a right decision of giving such important assignment to 2 young girls, who were passionate though about their work but lacked experience of many years – at least we thought so. You proved us wrong! J Your work not only confirmed the passion for the work you had but also negated the initial apprehensions we had! Each one of the pictures taken by you and each frame shot for the CD was perfect – you successfully managed to capture the very essence of that moment! When Pooja was to get married last year, at least one decision you made easy for us J. With “CamEra Photography”, the work that has been done in both weddings in our Family is better than anything I have seen elsewhere and this I can say without any hesitations. Thank you, on behalf of my entire family for helping us preserve important events of our lives so beautifully. Good going girls! You both definitely have best eyes behind the Lens and you both are Rock Stars in your Field truly! Wish you Good luck.