Wedding Vows – Keep Holding that Hand

Wedding Vows – Keep Holding that Hand

2018-03-19 22:12:15 in weddings - by Admin

As it is righty said “A good marriage is not when you hold hands in good times but it is when you are facing bad times and still not leave each other’s hands.”

When we see a couple walking on the street, is it not cute to notice them walking hand in hand? Watching the couple in sweat pants, holding hands and shopping together? Or watching the white haired couple with wrinkles helping each other to cross the road while hand in hand? Sheer Bliss!

It does not mean that the couple you see is a perfect couple, they are just happy ones! And one secret to happy marriage is holding your hands.

Don’t believe us? Let us explain you through some pointers…

It is a Bond

Every time you hold hands with your partner it creates a bond between you two; bond of always staying to together, bond of how strong your relationship is. And the bond that says that no matter what happens, no third person is ever going to come between you two.

It is an expression of love

Remember the first time you held each other’s hand, how good it felt? The giddiness it created inside? And from then on you probably decided that this is the hand you want to hold for the rest of your life.

Holding each other’s hand is a small simple expression of love and also a manifestation of gentle caring and affection

It’s Intimate

Holding hands is a sweet non-verbal way to convey to your spouse that you love them, that you care for them and that the spark between you two will never fade.

Let’s admit that holding hands is Oh – So – Romantic!

It connects you both physically and mentally to your spouse. It is not something you do with everyone, it is something that is reserved for just two of you to share – and that’s how it is special.

It’s an Assurance

Holding each other’s hand is also a silent assurance to your partner that ‘No matter what, I’m here for you, when things are going wrong it says ‘Let’s work to make them right together, on bad days it says ‘You are amazing’ and when there are hardships it says ‘You are and will always be the best choice I have made, lets overcome this phase of life together’

And most importantly it says to others ‘He/ She is mine. I am Lucky and I know it!’

Do It

We know that after marriage responsibilities increase and life takes a toll kicking out the romance. But don’t let this happen with you. Do the smallest things for each other like holding hands, because they are the ones that create the biggest impact!

Don’t be ashamed or feel awkward. Just reach out for your spouse’s hand and never let it go. Let your partner know that you care for them and this little affection means a lot to you.

Be that couple. The couple who always holds hands!

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Wedding Vows – Keep Holding that Hand