Tune in For The Best Bridal Makeup Tips For Your Wedding: 2017-18

Tune in For The Best Bridal Makeup Tips For Your Wedding: 2017-18

2017-11-21 23:00:39 in weddings - by Admin

Wedding day is the day when every bride wants to look not only at her best but also the most perfect bride. Her wedding dress/ sari/ outfit defiantly play a dominant role; however, it is her makeup that completes the entire look and creates the impact that is ever lasting. Here are few tips that can help you for your D Day.


Cleansing your face before makeup is the most important step. The wedding ritual can get hectic, of which the effect can show on the face by the end of the day. Cleansing helps in removing the unwanted dirt or oil particles on the skin. It also help to remove bacteria and dead skin cells which make the skin look fresh and lively. Cleansing also makes the makeup last for longer time.

Exfoliation and moisturizer:

During winter the skin tends to get dry easily. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and makes it smooth. Even homemade scrubs can play good role if done consistently few weeks before wedding date too. However be careful to avoid the over dose of it.

Moisturizer helps the skin to glow, especially during the winters. It helps the skin stay soft. A good moisturizer not only helps your facial skin but also the rest of the body.

Correct Base for makeup:

The base of the makeup impacts the make to stay intact for longer. Hence, it is advisable to use primer after the moisturizer. A concealer matching with your skin tone helps in covering the blemishes or uneven skin tone, after that blend well by applying the foundation matching to your skin tone. You can now finish the base look by using the highlighter on the cheek bones, center of the nose and forehead.

Eye makeup:

They say that the eyes speak a thousand words, especially that of the bride. All her emotions are reflected though her eyes,

Hence, the eye makeup has to be efficiently artistic. Golden peach colored eyes shadows or beautifully smoky eyes enhance the brides face. It is imp not to forget the fake eye lashes that are must. Also there should be no option to the classic jet black eyeliner, preferably water proof, and of course the mascara adds the oomph factor.


 You should use the color that compliments the entire look. A darker shade of lipstick can be used for fuller lips and lighter shades for the thinner ones. You can make the lips plump and pouty with some gloss too.


It is advisable to avoid heavy bronzing or highlighting. A simple natural blush with bit of highlighter is good enough. As per the style gurus a neutral base on face with pink peach lips and golden eye will make it a perfect bridal look for any bride.

At the end of the day its your confidence and smile that will make you the unique bride and hire the Best Wedding Photographer to capture your precious smile.