Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding Shoot

2017-11-21 23:07:52 in weddings - by Admin

A celebration of togetherness, knowing each other romantically, that first eye contact which promises so many beautiful moments together, assuring one another in front of the camera that they will always be there; that they will love one another to the moon and back (only through expressions), through the first touch, the vows taken before finally reading the vows on the day of marriage. These are pure expressions which can be celebrated for life. There are many couples wondering why was this concept not introduces during their times? A question which only TIME can answer! Phew.

People these days are going to the extent of actually getting their couple shoot done assuming this to be A Pre Wedding Shoot in their hearts, isn’t that a bit crazy? Yes it is, but that’s how this concept is picking up and ruling hearts of millions of want to be couples also those who have already read the vows. It unites couples in the most romantic ways which are genuinely captured by Cameras to lock these amazing moments forever. A pre wedding shoot often referred to as an Engagement Shoot gives wings to the heart of love birds to express themselves in the most unique ways, for ex: - A couple can choose a dramatic location like a beach; while the groom chooses to propose the love of his life under water and get the moments captured  by any artistic team of wedding photographers / they actually go to an extent of recreating some famous romantic scenes from any bollywood or a Hollywood flick giving themselves feelings of celebrities or stars from the REEL world, it can be anything that the couple desires or wishes.

Pre wedding shoot not only ensures romantic moments but it also ensure that these moments are captured in the most creative / unique and subtle way which can be always remembered and cherished lifelong; it completely depends on the couple as to what location they choose be it a Resort, or a beach or a historical fort or a five star hotel or a beach side café booked for the entire day, may be a destination pre wedding photography which is very much in trend. This is usually done 3 – 4 months prior to the wedding extending the list of functions of an Indian wedding, Yes you read it right, don’t be surprised if this will soon be considered as one of the most important functions and it will be given that importance! Interesting, isn’t it?

Apart from couples, an engagement shoot can actually help you in a few different ways. It can help you build a good rapport with the photographer you hired, assuming one is hiring the same photographer to document the D day. One can get to know the shooting style of their photographer, also making them more comfortable in front of the camera. For the photographer also it’s the time to get to know the couples more closely and precisely, knowing their characters or how affectionate they are with each other or how formal / casual their styles are. This way, the team can create suitable settings that will flatter both of them during the Pre Wedding as well as the Wedding day.

In short pre wedding moments are those romantic times when, would be bride and groom are happily seen reminiscing their initial chemistry and reliving that spark during a shoot. It’s one of the best ways of creating everlasting memories.