Emotions Every Bride goes through on Her Wedding Day (But no one spills the beans)

Emotions Every Bride goes through on Her Wedding Day (But no one spills the beans)

2018-03-13 00:48:27 in weddings - by Admin

When it comes to wedding day we all have some predetermined assumptions of what our emotions would be or what are we suppose to feel. According to many (if not all) would-be-brides - excitement, happiness, ecstasy, exclusive and of course in-love are the few emotions that they would or in fact, they should feel

But the reality is far away from imagination, isn’t it?  You are probably going to feel a lot more emotions including or excluding the above list.  Yes you will be happy, yes you feel in-loved, yes you will be ecstatic and all the possible feelings that you assumed but one thing that no one is ever going to prepare you of is how downright ‘eccentric’ you are going to feel when the big day finally arrives. Below is the list of few common emotions that you might feel on your wedding day that are completely beyond your anticipation


You might be a sound sleeper and have had enough of good lazy days before your big day arrives but yet there are lots of brides that find it difficult to shut their eyes before the D-day. It might be the nervousness or cheer happiness of stepping into a new life but the inner combustion will not let you sleep and end up waking you up tired instead of fresh. Exactly the opposite of how you wanted to feel on the most waited day of your life.

But doesn’t worry, a small nap before the dressing-up part can do wonders for you. Also, have a strong coffee to make your face look fresh instead of drowsy after the nap. Be calm and live the moments.


Everyone wants their big day to be the perfect day of their lives. And this idea of making everything perfect leads to making the bride hypersensitive and fussy over every little things. 

Don’t panic, it’s just the flow of emotions that are making you go fussy about each and everything. Drop the idea of perfectness and go with the flow. Let others handle the responsibilities and take out sometimes to relax and enjoy the proceedings


Many brides become nauseous just when the time comes to climb the stage. This may happen due to improper eating (wedding menus!) or in the case of some brides – not eating at all due to nervousness.  Feeling nauseous is common for brides but at the same time not good for them. It is recommended to keep ginger candies handy and pops one to settle your stomach. Also, if you don’t feel like eating go for semi-solids and juices but starving before the event is a strict no.



Being at your own wedding is much like Cinderella walking to the ball (Like, the dream you had nourished since your childhood).  The experience is one of its kind and surreal.  It is evident that you will be overwhelmed walking the aisle but doesn’t show the obviousness over your face.  Stay calm by taking deep breathes and keep reminding yourself that you have to be grounded.  Feeling a little awe for everything and everyone around your is fine- after all, it’s your wedding day and you are the center of attraction but overdoing it might hurt other people’s feelings.



Emotions Every Bride goes through on Her Wedding Day (But no one spills the beans)