A perfect guide to plan your Wedding Day!

A perfect guide to plan your Wedding Day!

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 When you have found that special one whom you want to spend the rest of your life with, the next step is to let the world know about your decision. This process is pretty alluring when it comes to us - Indians and we call it our Wedding day!

This day is really special and it needs lot and lots and lots of efforts to make it so. Don’t get nervous if your big day is on board, just follow these instructions and plan your wedding day to be THE DAY of your life!

Get Started

Let’s start from the starting.  After you have made the announcement, sit with your fiancé along with  his/her family and decide what the wedding budget is? How many guests are invited?  What would be the theme? Whether it’s a beach bash or a sit-down dinner ceremony?  Talk about everything to avoid confusion later on

Calculate the Timings

You don’t have to set a firm date right from the first day but it is important to decide which month are you planning to get married? What is the season? So the further preparations can be done accordingly.  Also deciding on a date or month will help you know how much time you have and how should you organize things according to the time span.

Accurate Accounts

No matter whatever your wedding budget is, here is a rough idea of how to accurately manage your accounts

1.       Reception: 40%

2.       Honeymoon: 14.5%

3.       Photography and videography: 10.5%

4.       Wedding attire: 7%

5.       Engagement rings and wedding bands: 6%

6.       Flowers: 5%

7.       Music: 5%

8.       Invitations: 2%

9.       Miscellaneous: 10%

Book A Venue

First things first! Book a Venue as soon as you decide what date you want to get married; whether it’s an open ground, a beautiful garden, a ballroom or a courtyard. Booking a venue will actually make you serious about other things regarding wedding and also, the later you do, the lesser the choice of venue you will get.


What’s a good venue without your dream decoration?  The decoration is as important as booking a perfect venue. Check many sample pictures of the decoration, use your own ideas or Google for references and decorate the venue of your big day in your dreamy fashion.

Count your Guest

Counting your guest and creating a guest list is very important. We know it’s your big day and you want all of your near and dear ones to be present. But making a guest list helps you in knowing how many people are going be there in total and thus helps you in inferring the amount of food to be ordered.


A good wedding is a flop without good food. After all Food is what people come for, right? Checkout caterers, taste different cuisines, consider your guests choices and finally bargain while booking a caterer.

The Important Part

And here comes the important part of your wedding, buying your wedding dress!  This is a very crucial step as the dress will decide what your makeup and hairstyle will be and ultimately will decide your look. So check out all the shops that are available, try as many dresses as you can and then with a calm mind finalize the one that you want to carry before hundreds of staring eyes.

Final the Look:

After deciding upon your wedding dress, go for makeup and hair trials. Finalize your look before you hit the stage.

Making Memories

After you have done all these, the key factor of a wedding is to hire someone who would capture the event precisely and convert them into life time memories for you. A photographer plays the most important part of your wedding; he/she is the person who will preserve all the above mentioned efforts into unforgettable memory.  So hire a good photographer that could understand your needs and deliver only the best to you.  We will help you get the best one in the industry, simply contact http://www.eraofmoments.com/




A perfect guide to plan your Wedding Day!